IPL [Photo Facial]

Significantly improve your skin texture and appearance by reducing redness or rosacea, age spots, sun damage, spider veins, fine lines, uneven pigmentation and large pores. This is a safe and non-invasive procedure that uses intense pulsed light (IPL) and radio frequency technology to diminish imperfections in your skin. The treatment requires no downtime and is especially effective for improving the appearance of the face, neck, chest, and backs of the hands.
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Hair Removal

Please book a complimentary consultation to learn more about laser hair removal.
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 Laser Resurfacing

Laser Resurfacing-Laser resurfacing is a treatment to improve the look of the skin. It uses a laser to send out brief pulses of high-energy light. This light is absorbed by water and substances in the skin called chromophores. The light is changed into heat energy. The heat then destroys (vaporizes) thin sections of skin, layer by layer. As the wounded area heals, new skin grows to replace the damaged skin that was removed during the laser treatment. Some lasers only tighten the skin by heating it but do not destroy the skin.| Call for pricing


Laser Treatments
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